Meme literario día 1 – Tu proyecto favorito

He decidido que para meterme en el rollo NaNoWriMo voy a hacer un meme literario de tumbr.

Lo voy a hacer en inglés hasta que me canse, pero igual me da por traducirlo (si tengo tiempo. Ja. Jaja)

La pregunta del primer día es… ¿Cual es el proyecto/universo que más te ha gustado escribir?

Day 01 → Your favorite writ­ing project/universe that you’ve worked with.

It’s very hard to pick one because I love all my stories and worlds, but I’m gonna go with the one I’ve been working on most recently (not counting the story I’m preparing for NaNoWriMo)

Dioses muertos is a story that happens in a kind of early medieval world who happens to have fifty Gods. Every God has a tribe that worships him (they are all male) and he is very present in their life. Most people can’t see gods, but they can show themselves to some humans, talk to them, appear in their dreams, even kill them if they want to.

When they become of age the humans receive a Tattoo in their left arm of the symbol of their God, so the God can watch over them.

Sometimes a God wants to have children so he chooses a girl and impregnates her. These semi divines Children of the Gods are also always male and have some special powers, but they are also power hungry and not very nice.

One day, the God Awer conceives a child with a girl of another tribe. His brothers kill him for this and when the baby is born it turns out to be a girl: meet Heda, our protagonist. Heda is the only woman born of a God and a mortal girl and to top it off she can’t receive a Tattoo to control her, so she is feared and shunned by her family.

She doesn’t have all the cool powers his cousins received like super speed and strenght, but instead she has a very useful one: she can’t be killed with a Sacred Blade, the only weapons the Children of the Gods are allowed to touch.

The world is almost a Utopia: the Gods control their subjects directly so there’s not really much room to chaos, but there’s hidden currents in the world that want to change things: the Children of the Gods want to rule, a strange sickness that doesn’t seem natural is killing a lot of people and legends of the evil and forgotten Goddesses who were the wifes of the One and mothers of all the Gods start to resurface.

I love this world because it allows me to explore the idea of an almost powerless woman having to fight against a very real patriarchy that can crush her anytime, but this doesn’t scare her off. Heda is badass, lost, strong and full of doubts self made woman who makes mistakes and needs help but does not know how to ask for it and is not gonna back off of saving the world just because she has a very slim chance of winning.

And also the villains are really cool and I’m kinda in love with their crazy megalomaniac asses.

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